Lon Brauer is American artist known for his work
in figure and plein air landscape.

Born in 1955 and coming of age in the 1970's,
he has roots in the abstract expressionist
movement.  His work is a mix of the abstract with
the representational,  bringing an impressionistic
use of paint and materials to create images that
challenge the viewer with new perspectives on the
figure and landscape genre.

"I had a long and successful career as a studio
photographer before getting back into painting.  
That experience - working with photo images - has
influenced my approach to painting.  The camera
is mechanical but the artist's mind is fluid.  I'm
always looking to find new ways to interpret
perceptions of the world around me."

Steidel Fine Art
 - Wimberly, TX
Studio 8369       - Grand Lake, CO
Gallery Augusta - Augusta, MO
Glass Tipi           - Ward, CO