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Finally back on the blog

Djuana has been on me to get back on the blog.  We have it so why not??  And as in most cases she is very right.  After all, as she says, I write a ton of something every day.  I get up from bed, clean myself up as needed, get a cup of tea, and then sit down to check on what is going on… with things. Then I write emails, check on art websites, manage a few files, and then really get the day started by heading to studio.

These days I am working on a variety of things with anticipation of the art fair season.  Most pressing is producing enough inventory to be ready for the big crunch in April.  Simply making inventory really negates much of what I think this endeavor of making art is all about.  Although I never want to be making ‘chairs’, in the end it more or less comes down to that…at least with the art fair booth in my head.  I have a certain amount of wall space and I need to have enough to go around to fill the thing.  After all that is the point. At the same time I am obligated to make good work.  The up side is that I am pressed to keep on task in studio.  Nothing wrong with that.

So…next order of business.  I have an ongoing project.  Over the past few years in the booth I have had a bin with ‘prints’.  Photo reproductions really.  They are matted and priced affordably.  Sales have been OK.  At some shows it was the print sales that made it possible to come home without a total loss.  But I have never been comfortable with the reproduction aspect of the marketing.  I showcase originals on the walls…and this season I will be doing the same in the bins.  I have been making these 8×10 oil paintings on paper to be matted.  Two things have come from the work.  One is an inventory (again that word) of small works for the booth and the other – perhaps more importantly – is an opportunity to put out a lot of work.  A lot of work translates to growth.