The Fine Art of Contemporary Impressionism

Booth transformation

Progress, August 23

Its been a successful day working on the booth.  I pinned fabric up on the walls this morning and it looked like this:

Booth with fabric on the panelsSo I hemmed the side panels (the back wall gets some more work before I make the fabric cover for it) this afternoon and put velcro on the walls this evening.

Lon picked up some track lighting today!  I found it on Craigslist last night and while he was out he got it for just $15.  It was a pretty fantastic deal and we were both really happy with it.

Here’s the booth now, with the lighting up and the fabric pinned on one wall.

Booth with lighting 8-23

We added a rug too.  This is all going on in Mom’s back yard, since the panels were stored in the trailer she has over there.  Her neighbors have GOT to be wondering whats going on.  Our neighbors are used to seeing unusual things in our backyard, but this is a first over there.  No one has asked anything yet though.

We’ll be back on it tomorrow evening.  :)

Art fair booth progress

Art fair booth in June 2011This is how the art fair booth looked at the show at The Summit shopping center in Louisville, KY. in June.





Lon was busy most of the day updating the booth, mostly getting the panels to be more stable.  I think he’s going in a good direction.  This is where it stands tonight:







The pipes overhead are new.  They help hold the structure together and will be the framework for the lighting.  Speaking of which, you don’t happen to know where we can get some cheap or free track lighting, do you?  We’re looking for some rather quick-like since we have our first show over Labor Day weekend.

The wood panel at the front will be transformed into a display wall and there will be a matching one on the other side.  These should give a very elegant and eye-catching look to the booth.

Tomorrow should bring some major changes to the look of the thing.  I sure hope the rain holds off for a while so we can leave it up to work on it at least another day.