Quirky bright colored painting of two people looking directly at you.
Fun painting of three nude women in straw hats throwing apples from the bed of an antique truck
modern art painting of three male heads
colorful impressionist painting of a circus clown
Brightly colored painting of a juggler with a top hat
Sepia tone painting of three nude figures covering their faces.
modern art sepia tone painting of two contorted figures
sepia tone impressionist painting of four male heads
bright colored surreal impressionist painting of three doll heads
black and white female figure portrait painting
soft edged female figure portrait painting
female nude leaning on a chair
repetitive nude female figures on a wood floor
nude female figure on a wood floor
impressionist painting of a nude woman sitting on a floor wearing red stockings
nude female figure sleeping on a wood floor
two male and one female nude on a wood floor
female nude in a red robe
I have always been fascinated with the human form,
whether it be figure or portrait.  As humans we
relate to certain lines and contours; the lines and
contours that flow within the form.  And of course
there is the narrative.