Yes, I’m a painter but I have also been a studio
photographer since 1980.  After leaving school
with a BFA in painting my journey took me to
work in a commercial photo studio.  Product
photography for catalogs, print ads, point of
sale, that sort of thing.  It was a world mostly
foreign to me at first but I took to it and learned
all I could while on the job.  It turned into a
fascinating career. I started on staff at a major
studio, had a partner for a number of years, and
then in 1991 I created my own place – Lon
Brauer & Company.

The 80’s and 90’s was a time of large format
cameras - 8x10 and 4x5, transparency film,
Polaroids, and lots and lots of projects. Digital
now has replace the way we capture images but
the methods of photography itself are still the
same.  Good lighting, composition, and problem
solving skills are what one needs to make
images that stand apart.